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     One day when I was walking out into the store from my office in the back of the store, I found myself having to step over several kids who were sprawled across the floor.  They were all busy playing with various toys and having a great time.  The noise level in the store at the time was what some might politely call a mild roar.  Some shop owners might have found this a little upsetting:  "What would other customers think about all of this noise and commotioin?"  However, this put a smile on my face because it meant that kids were in the store having fun; and, if kids are having fun in my store, so am I.

I'm Greg Larson and I own Larson's Toys and Games.  We're a true old-fashioned "Mom & Pop" store -- just like you remember from your childhood.  Although my own kids are grown now, I still have a pretty good idea about what kids like.  And that's just what we stock in the store -- what kids like!

Ever since we opened our doors in 1981 we have tried to be a vital part of the community.  We do this by being an active member of the community through donations to community schools and organizations and by being sponsors of different civic events.  We get involved whenever and wherever we can and we are very proud of what we do for our community.

So come visit us -- we think you'll have fun!